Baby ambulance

Stiftung Chance finances Baby Ambulance

Each year approximately 200 critically ill newborn and premature babies must be transferred from various maternity hospitals to the Zurich Children's Hospital. The intensive medical care they receive while en route to the hospital is a lifesaver for the little patients.
When the Children's Hospital’s previous neonatal ambulance no longer met the requirements, Stiftung Chance stepped in to finance a replacement. We received an overwhelming response to our call for funds in 2013/14. The cost of the ultra-modern ambulance, effectively a mobile ICU, amounted to CHF 248'521.
Since June 2014 the new Baby Ambulance, which adorns the Stiftung Chance bear logo, has been on duty in and and around Zurich.

Stiftung Chance thanks all its donors for their great and much appreciated commitment.